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Skin Tips

Let's Get Naked

A naked face that is! I have to admit, your makeup looked AMAZING today! But number one rule... remove all makeup before bed. Bedtime gives your skin a chance to breathe! Sleeping in makeup clogs pores leading to annoying blemishes and blackheads!

Get Your Scrub On

Exfoliate! Exfoliating helps with removing dead skin, helps fight acne and other skin problems, while leaving your skin with a healthy glow! Don't worry we have you covered with our scrubs! 

You are What You Eat

Okay okay, you won't actually turn into a banana after you eat one however, what you eat effects your skin. Try adding more fruits and green leafy veggies to your diet. Fruits and veggies are packed with necessary vitamins, proteins, and natural antibiotics! Try a low-sugar diet

I'll Take a Water, Please

As if you didn't already know water is your skins best friend! Water hydrates the skin helping in fighting off the wrinkles. Water also helps flush toxins from our bodies helping rid and prevent those unbearable acne breakouts and blackheads! 

Taken Ten!

Take some time out for, YOU! Acne breakouts can easily appear when stressed. Take a moment or two out for some self-care no matter how you'd like to spend it. In this time maybe work on your own personal skin-care routine

Kalon Essentials

Kalon Essentials is dedicated to providing exponential skin-care from head to toe. We make sure to use the purest ingredients in every product to ensure they are safe enough for the most sensitive of skins. 

**Kalon Essentials does not take the place of dermatologist care for severe cases. Be sure to do a skin-reaction test on a small part of your forearm before applying.